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GC-MS Columns Catalogue

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Thermo Electron has published a Columns and Consumables for GC and GC/MS catalogue, which has been updated to include the full range of Trace capillary GC columns and consumables. The 28-page catalogue provides GC and GC/MS users in the environmental, petrochemical, food and beverage, flavours and fragrance, and agricultural industries with a complete guide on how Thermo's products assist each aspect of chromatographic analysis.

Thermo Fisher Scientific
Issue: 17/04
RSN: 131

Laboratroy Inform Brochure

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Waters has published a Laboratory Informatics Services and Support brochure which describes how their implementation and validation services, training and support services and technical support can lower the total cost of ownership by optimising the quality and speed of deployments. The brochure contains information on how Waters Global Services Enterprise Solutions group can help design, deploy, manage and vailidate an informatics solution.

Waters Corporation
Issue: 17/04
RSN: 130


New Standards Catalogue

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SCP Science has introduced a new Standards, Reagents and Certified Reference Materials catalogue. The catalogue has been completely redesigned and it is now easier to locate a specific product among the hundreds of standards, reagents and CRMs for the inorganic chemistry laboratory. New products include Plasmapure and Plasmapure Plus high purity acids, pure and ultra pure fusion fluxes for AA, ICP-AES, ICP-MS and XRF spectroscopy and Accuspec COD tubes in multiple concentrations.

SCP Science
Issue: 17/03
RSN: 145


New Long-Life MCP Guide

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Burle Electro-Optics has announced the new Long-Life microchannel plate selection guide with its comprehensive range of MCP products which range from 4 mm to 150 mm in diameter and are available in pore sizes from 2 µm to 25 µm. Included in the guide is their patent-pending MountainPad MCP, and other available enhancement options and custom MCP capabilities are described.

BURLE Electro-Optics
Issue: 17/03
RSN: 144


Shimadzu News - 1st Issue

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The first issue of Shimadzu News 2005 is now available. It includes an application method for compliance with the RoHS directive using FT-IR spectrometry for the identification of flame retardant polymers and one for the determination of selected herbicides in water using GC/MS. Highlighted in part for its software, the EDX-HS fluorescent spectrometer is also featured in the issue. There is also applications on drug testing, human plasma fatty acids and screening for bioactive compounds.

Shimadzu Europa GmbH
Issue: 17/03
RSN: 143


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