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Brochure Raman Microscope

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A brochure is available from Witec which gives details of their alpha300 R confocal Raman microscope. The eight- page four-colour brochure describes key features and outlines applications of the microscope.

Issue: 18/03
RSN: 193


CD 06-07 Catalogue

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Alfa Aesar have published a CD version of the 2006/07 All-in-One Catalogue of Research Chemicals, Metals and Materials. The CD version contains the full range of products from the print catalogue including the newly integrated Lancaster Synthesis products. Including a version of Molesearch software for structure and substructure search, the CD allows users to draw the molecule of their interest and find all matching Alfa Aeser products. Other searches can be conducted using a variety of fields from the full product database. The CD also offers comprehensive reference data, including standardised reference fields such as CAS, MDK and Merck members, as well as application and technical notes, environmental health and safety information and pricing.

Alfa Aesar
Issue: 18/03
RSN: 192

New 2006 Catalogue

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Glass Expansion is pleased to announce that their new 2006 catalogue of ICP/ICP-MS supplies is now available. The new catalogue includes many components covering over 70 current and past ICP-AES and ICP-MS models from of the major manufacturers. Its 132 full- colour pages show nebulisers, spray chambers, torches, RF coils and ICP-MS cones by instrument model, plus general consumables and accessories. The catalogue shows the optimum combination of sample introduction components for most sample types, including aqueous and organic samples, samples with high dissolved solids or particulates, limited sample volumes or samples in HF.

Glass Expansion
Issue: 18/03
RSN: 191


New Application Notebook

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A new applications notebook from Jeol comprises more than 25 recent application notes resulting from analyses using the AccuToF-DART (direct analysis in real time) mass spectrometer. The broad range of applications in this second volume of notes published since the introduction of DART include pharmaceuticals, foods, industrial products, forensic evidence and biological fluids analysed without sample preparation. Samples are analysed in open air using the DART ion source, resulting in instantaneous analysis of liquids, solids and gases, without altering the sample in any way. The spiral bound, full colour booklet includes examples of instantaneous screening and analysis.

Jeol USA Inc
Issue: 18/03
RSN: 190


High Dispersion ICP

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Teledyne Leeman Labs has introduced a new technical note for its high dispersion ICP, the Prodigy. Array detector ICP spectrometers are able to measure all elements in an unknown sample. This is important for QC and/or forensic applications. In order to take advantage of this capability, the ICP spectrometer must be able to provide full wavelength coverage as well as the spectral handling tools needed to do the fingerprinting. This technical note demonstrates the elemental fingerprinting capabilities of Teledyne Leeman Labs' high dispersion ICP spectrometer.

Teledyne Leeman Labs
Issue: 18/01
RSN: 154


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