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Brochure on the IdentyE High Definition Proteomics

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A new brochure now available from Waters, entitled The IdentyE High Definition Proteomics, provides researchers with information on the latest tools for reliable and consistent protein identification, giving details on their new UPLC high bandwidth MS system which enables researchers to reference chromatographic retention time, exact precursor and product ion masses, structural significance, biological context and is designed to meet the stringent requirements for protein identification.

Waters Corporation NOT VALID
Issue: 19/06
RSN: 132

2007 Catalogue ICP-MS supplies

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The 2007 catalogue from Glass Expansion includes hundreds of components covering over 70 current and past ICP-OES and ICP-MS models from all the major manufacturers. Its 140 pages show nebulisers, spray chambers, torches, RF coils and ICP-MS cones by instrument model, plus general consumables and accessories. The catalogue shows the optimum combination of sample introduction components for most sample types.

Glass Expansion
Issue: 19/06
RSN: 131

Poster on Ion Suppression and Matrix Effects

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Thermo Fisher Scientific has published a new technical poster entitled Ion Suppression and Matrix Effects. The poster shows how their Turboflow technology, in combination with the TSQ Quantum family of triple quadrupole mass spectrometers, can reduce matrix effects in LC coupled with MS/MS analysis. The poster discusses ion suppression relative to various sample clean-up procedures and shows data from the same experiment performed prepared by solid phase extraction and protein precipitation. A companion CD, entitled LC-MS/MS Solutions for Drug Discover and Development, includes several animations, including demonstrations of how high-field asymmetric ion mobility MS can lower chemical noise and enhance sensitivity during quantitation, how Turboflow technology allows direct injection of biological samples into an MS/MS system and how a heated electrospray ionisation probe can enhance LC-MS/MS assay ­sensitivity.

Thermo Fisher Scientific
Issue: 19/06
RSN: 130

Brochure on Modular Component

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Gilden Photonics, has produced a 12-page brochure outlining their modular components which include light sources, monochromators, spectrographs, detectors, sample chambers, spectroscopy accessories and software. The brochure gives a brief description and applications of system solutions available which include light source characterisation, colour measurement, absorption/transmission/reflection specrophotometry, modular fluorescence spectrometry, photoluminescence spectrometry and detector spectral response characterisation followed by a list of modular optical spectroscopy components which are available.

Gilden Photonics Ltd
Issue: 18/03
RSN: 195

Brochure Calib Standards

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Hellma have produced a 20-page brochure on calibration standards. The first section covers calibration of spectrophotometers, which includes calibration standards to check wavelength accuracy, photometric accuracy, stray lights, spectral resolution and microplate readers and solid and liquid filter sets. The remaining sections of the brochure include traceability of the calibration, frequently asked questions, handling instructions, compliance references, combination of the liquid filter sets and a calibration standards overview.

Hellma GmbH & Co
Issue: 18/03
RSN: 194


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