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Precious metals catalogue

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A new Precious Metal Compounds and Catalysts catalogue is now available from Alfa Aesar. This new 80-page publication lists a full range of precious metal (platinum, palladium, rhodium, iridium, ruthenium, gold, silver and osmium) chemicals and catalysts. Included in the catalogue is an introduction to Catalysis and Catalysts, written by Martyn Twigg, Chief Scientist at Johnson Matthey which gives an in- depth background on historical aspects, general catalyst requirements, advantages and disadvantages and reaction types associated with supported, unsupported and homogeneous catalysts and catalysis. Also included is information on three new catalyst kits, Asymmetric Hydrogenation Ligand/Catalyst kit, Advanced Coupling kit and Mini Advanced Coupling kit.

Alfa Aesar
Issue: 20/03
RSN: 123


Biodiesel analysis CD Rom

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Aspectrics has unveiled a new CD-ROM for biodiesel analysis, which is intended to complement their newly introduced biodiesel quality analyser (BQA 1000). Entitled Aspectrics Biodiesel Analyser, the CD-ROM includes a demonstration video, data sheet and user guide for the BQA 100, together with two application notes on B100 quality and biodiesel blends. and highlights its range of applications, features and design.

Issue: 20/03
RSN: 122

PAT Data Synchronisation

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Symbion Systems has announced the availability of a technical note entitled Perspectives on Data Synchronisation and Alignment for PAT. which addresses the requirements and methods for ensuring optimum synchronisation and alignment for process data for process analytical technology. It is in two parts, the first of which discusses methods for co-ordinating the collection of data from diverse instrumental methods such as NIR, FT-IR and Raman spectroscopy, HPLC and temperature measurement, made possible by the use of PAT software such as Proficy RX or Symbion-DX or RX. The second part provides an approach to dealing with data that has already been stored or processes that are not amenable to the controlled co-ordination of instruments.

Symbion Inc
Issue: 20/03
RSN: 121


08 Product Catalogue

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The 2008 Product Catalogue is now available from Specac. Divided into four sections, the catalogue gives brief details and product numbers for reflectance and transmission sampling accessories, sample preparation products, sampling kits and IR polarisers/wire grids.

Specac Limited
Issue: 20/03
RSN: 120


Volume 2 Hamamatsu News

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Volume 2 of Hamamatsu News is now available. This issue of the newsletter features the various functions and specifications of Photo ICs, gives information on a new version of the company's sealed 100 kV microfocus X-ray source, a new series of high voltage power supply units, UV sensitive photon counting heads and luminescence plate reader. There is also information on a new learning centre on the Hamamatsu website. Also included are applications, company news and forthcoming events.

Hamamatsu Photonics (UK) Ltd
Issue: 20/01
RSN: 133

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