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Milling and Sieving

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Retsch has published a new 36 page general catalogue covering the complete range of crushers, grinders, sieve shakers, particle analysers and sample dividers. Each instrument is presented with its main features, technical details and a range of suitable applications. Also included is a complete line of product-related brochures which resent the mills and sieve shakers in greater detail.

Retsch GmbH
Issue: 21/04
RSN: 130


Toxicology ref. materials

Testing for “designer drugs”, “legal highs” and other novel materials is a continuing challenge for clinical, forensic, sports testing and toxicology laboratories. A recent meeting highlighted a number of materials required for use as reference compounds and internal standards in applications such as testing for evidence of exposure to alcohol and drugs in substrates including blood, urine and hair. LGC Standards has announced that many of these new materials have now been sourced and are included in their recently revised and relaunched catalogue, Reference Materials for Clinical, Forensic and Sports Drugs Applications. Many new reference standards, including deuterated materials, glucuronides and other metabolites, are now available to laboratories carrying out analysis for drugs of abuse, therapeutic drugs and sports doping agents.

LGC Standards
Issue: 20/06
RSN: 143


Fine Chemicals & Catalyts

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Alfa Aesar has published a new brochure entitled Fine Chemicals and Catalysts, which explores the fine chemical production and service capabilities provided by the company. The 16-page brochure begins by outlining their key capabilities, including global manufacturing, global inventory, custom synthesis, customer service, quality control and global sourcing. The product offering is then examined in more detail to encompass organic intermediates and reagents, precious metal compounds and catalysts, including fuel cell products and high purity inorganics, including Puatronic high purity inorganics and REacton rare earth products. The brochure also covers additional resources provided by the company, such as a 2800-page catalogue/handbook accompanying CD-ROM, website, technical sales and support. The brochure is available from the company free of charge.

Alfa Aesar
Issue: 20/06
RSN: 142


New Catalogue on Vials and Consumables

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The CTC range of autosamplers is supported by a range of consumables supplied by Chromacol. A new catalogue from Chromacol concentrates on the products approved for use with these instruments and offers consumables for the full range of GC, LC and HTS variants, including sampling plates, vials and seals. Their screw top headspace vials and caps meet this need with seals suitable for use with headspace, SPME and SBSE. With a range of seals from 1 mm to 3 mm in thickness, these vials have a universal cap suitable for either thick or thin seals without adjustment. The upper surface of the caps gives good magnetic contact with the transfer magnets and allows full transport from high- density samples during processing.

chromacol Limited
Issue: 20/06
RSN: 141

Handbook-Optical Materials

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Crystran is pleased to announce the publication of their Handbook of IR and UV Optical Materials. This is a 110-page paperback full of data on 40 different materials as well as containing technical notes and useful formulae. The handbook is offered free of charge to optics professionals and bone fide students of optical disciplines.

Crystran Ltd
Issue: 20/06
RSN: 140


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