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Fibre Photonics partners University of Strathclyde in studentship programme

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Fibre Photonics Ltd will partner the Department of Pure and Applied Chemistry and the Institute of Photonics at the University of Strathclyde in the SPIRIT Studentship programme. The planned project will enhance real-time analysis of chemical and biological systems through novel fibre optic based spectroscopic systems in the mid-IR and NIR.

Fibre Photonics appoints non-executive director

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Fibre Photonics has appointed Dr Des Gibson as non-executive director. He brings 25 years experience in the optics and opto­electronics industry within both blue-chip and start-up companies.

New Moscow office for Hamilton Sunstrand

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Hamilton Sundstrand Applied Instrument Technologies has established a new sales and marketing office in Moscow, Russia, headed by newly appointed Regional Manager, Dr Genrikh Krichmar.

Headwall Photonics to cooperate with USDA to develop a spectral imaging system

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Headwall Photonics has announced the formation of a cooperative research and development agreement (CRADA) with the USDA Agricultural Research Service to develop and deploy spectral imaging solutions for in-line processing of poultry, fruit, vegetables and other food products.

MTT Multantiv grant non-exclusive licencing to patent rights

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MTT Multantiv Oy has announced that it has granted Bristol-Myers Squibb non-exclusive licensing to its patent rights (US Patent 6,629,041) for methods of multivariate calibration.

Pacer International opens new sales office in Ireland

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Pacer International has opened a new sales office in Cork, Ireland, which will be headed by Rory O’Connor who has spent 21 years in the electromechanical industry in the region.

Pfeiffer Vacuum wins R & D award

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Pfeiffer Vacuum has won an R&D 100 Award for the development of its HiPace turbo­pumps. Pfeiffer Vacuum celebrated 50 years since their invention of the turbopump in 2008.

Picometrix receives orders fromUS Air Force

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Picometrix has received two new terahertz contracts from the US Air Force totalling $850,000 for development of a higher power THz transmitter for surface and gas spectroscopy applications to work with the T-Ray 4000 system, and a Phase I SBIR contract for development of semiconductor material capable of increasing THz power.

Renishaw signs OEM agreement with NT-MDT

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Renishaw has signed an OEM agreement with NT-MDT whereby NT-MDT will sell, install and support special inVia Raman systems for integration with its Ntegra AFM.,

Syft Technologies to supply European container testing market and University of Ghent

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Syft Technologies has signed a contract to supply Voice200 instruments into the European container fumigant testing market and have sold a Voice200 to the University of Ghent, Belgium, which will be used in the assessment of the freshness of packaged food stuffs, especially fish and meat.

Thames Water chooses Thermo's iCAP 6000 Series

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Thermo Fisher Scientific has announced that Thames Water, the UK’s largest water and wastewater services company, has chosen the iCAP 6000 Series ICP emisison spectrometer for the detection and quantification of trace elements in drinking water samples.

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