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Imaging nanoparticles

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Andor Technology’s electron multiplying CCD camera is being used in combination with an imaging spectrograph and a sheath flow cuvette by researchers at the La Jolla Bioengineering Institute in California, USA. They have been able to analyse individual nanoparticles at rates of 100 per second or faster. This will remove current bottlenecks with characterising single nanoparticles, potentially leading to the development of brighter and more uniform tags for use in biomolecular detection and cancer therapeutics.


Agilent to buy Varian

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agilentAgilent Technologies have signed a definitive agreement to acquire Varian, paying $1.5 billion. As well as adding $1 billion in annual sales to Agilent’s existing $5.8 billion, it significantly expands the range of technologies in Agilent’s portfolio. Varian are particularly strong in NMR, imaging and vacuum technologies, but also can offer a number of atomic and molecular spectroscopies.

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MS for Chinese food safety

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Applied Biosystems is assisting the Chinese government in reinforcing new standards for food safety through the deployment of 40 AB Sciex mass spectromeetrs to ensure accurate identification of contaminants.

Portable XRF rental in UK and Ireland

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Ashtead Technology has been appointed as the exclusive rental partner for the Niton range of portable XRF analysers for the UK and Republic of Ireland markets.

EPR order for Bruker Biospin

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Bruker BioSpin has announced its first order for an Elexsys E780 263 GHz EPR spectrometer by the Helmholtz-Zentrum in Berlin for applications in solar energy and photovoltaic research.

Bruker/Warwick MS collaboration

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Bruker Daltonics has announced the establishment of a long-term collaborative programme with the Department of Chemistry at the University of Warwick, UK, for developing both applications and fundamental instrument technology in the area of extreme resolution mass spectrometry.

New HQ for WiTec

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WITec's new HQ WITec has moved to its new headquarters building in Ulm, which has customised production facilities, seminar rooms and office space on four floors covering more than 1900 m2.

A2 Technologies enter into patent licence with Boeing

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A2 Technologies have entered into a patent licence with the Boeing Company allowing the use of Boeing patents in association with the development, manufacture and sale of A2 Technologies’ FT-IR spectrometers. The licence will allow A2 Technologies to apply their Exoscan FT-IR spectrometer for non-destructive testing of aerospace composite and metal materials.

Agilent delivers 10,000th 5975 Series GC/MS

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Agilent Technologies has delivered the 10,000th unit of its 5975 Series GC/MS, which was introduced just over three years ago.

Agilent and the National University of Ireland open a biological mass spectrometry facility

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Agilent Technologies and the National University of Ireland (NUI), Galway have announced the opening of a biological mass spectrometry facility on the NUI Galway campus. The facility is equipped with accurate-mass Q-ToF and triple quad mass spectrometers and will primarily focus on functional genomics, proteomics, lipidomics and metabolomics research. NUI Galway will provide application notes and data for key applications using the Agilent instruments and the facility will be used to showcase new instruments to Agilent customers and for demo purposes.,

Bruker Daltonics receives orders for its 12 T and 15 T FT-MS systems

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Bruker Daltonics has installed its latest 12 T and 15 T FT-MS systems in the laboratory of Professor Andre Deelder at the Leiden University Medical Center, The Netherlands. The 15 T instrument will be the highest field FT-MS system in Europe, and the combination of these two systems will be the first of its kind in the world. The mass spectrometers will be used to advance high-throughput proteomics. Bruker Daltonics has announced that the laboratory of Professor Michael Gross at Washington University in St Louis, USA, has ordered a package consisting of a 12 T FT-MS and a maXis UHR-ToF, primarily for applications in top-proteomics in close collaboration with Professor Reid Townsend, who heads proteomics efforts at Washington University.

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