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Entry to the Directory is subject to payment of the relevant fees. These fees are waived for display advertisers in the print directory.

Your entry will only be published once we have approved it and received payment from you; if you have an existing credit account, we may, at our discretion, publish it once you have been invoiced.

By submitting your entry you confirm that you supply products or services related to the categories you select to the European market. You also confirm that you have the rights to any images uploaded and will indemnify us against any damages caused by their publication.

You grant to IM Publications LLP and John Wiley & Sons Ltd the right both to reproduce and/or distribute the material you submit ourselves throughout the world in printed, electronic or any other medium, and in turn to authorise others (including Reproduction Rights Organisations such as the Copyright Licensing Agency and the Copyright Clearance Center) to do the same. You agree that we may publish your material in Spectroscopy Europe and associated publications including the website, and that we may sell or distribute it within the publication, on its own, or with other related material.

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