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Laser & Optoelect Brochure

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The latest brochure from Photonic Solutions highlights a variety of lasers and optoelectronic products. The devices are primarily offered for OEM applications but many are also used in one-off requirements and research applications. Included in the brochure are lasers, detectors and spectrometers from companies such as JDSU, including the Lightwave laser range, Continuum, Teem Photonics, High Q, Power Technology, EOT, Vigo and Ocean Optics, all of which are available from Photonic Solutions.

Photonic Solutions Plc
Issue: 18/01
RSN: 153


2006-07 Ed Consumables Cat

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Thermo Electron has introduced its 2006/2007 edition of the Chromatography Columns and Consumables catalogue which consolidates all Thermo's chromatography consumables into a single collection. The expanded 300+ page catalogue covers product selection, technical reference information and application support for many industries The catalogue provides comprehensive guidance on the practice of SPE, HPLC and GC techniques along with more than 400 applications to help users make informed column choices.

Thermo Fisher Scientific
Issue: 18/01
RSN: 152

RoHS and WEEE Info Pack

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Spectro Analytical has a free information package available for those interested in the analytical requirements for the European Union's restriction of certain hazardous substances (RoHS) and waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) directives. The package includes an informative six-page brochure, Screening and Analysis of Electrical Instruments and Components, as well as application reports. The package was developed to help affected businesses deal with the new regulations and offers explanations of the analytical instruments and methods best suited for examining potentially harmful substances. The brochure, which is available in both English and German, summarises key points within the guidelines and provides an overview of the products and technologies used to examine the products defined in RoHS and ElectroG and for determining that limiting values have been met. It concentrates on two procedures recommended by the International Electro-Technical Commission, energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence analysis and optical emission spectrometry with inductively-coupled plasma.

Spectro Analytical Instruments
Issue: 18/01
RSN: 151


2006 Course Catalogue

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Waters Educational Services' 2006 course catalogue is now available. It provides a description of over 55 courses in laboratory informatics, ultra performance LC technology, instrument operation and maintenance, MS technologies, compliance and general chromatography. The catalogue summarises each course and lists its intended audience and course prerequisites. All courses are delivered by certified instructors and are available at either company headquarters or at local Waters campuses around the world. On-site training is also available for organisations that require customised instruction.

Waters Corporation
Issue: 18/01
RSN: 150


Reference Materials Catlog

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LGC Promochem have published the second edition of their Reference materials for food industry and occupational hygiene 2005–06 catalogue. This brings together products from a wide variety of manufacturers and offers an even wider selection of reference materials and standards for these diverse areas of analysis. New to the second edition are milk and other dairy reference materials, food- related phyto standards and certified veterinary medicine standards.

Issue: 17/04
RSN: 132


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