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Protein Quantification Rep

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A new application report from Paraytec describes a new methodology using its ActiPix S100 UV area imaging detector to enable fast and label-free quantification and sizing of proteins. The report describes how it is possible to carry out protein quantification and sizing analyses within a capillary loop. Using a 3 nL injection of a 1 mg mL–1 sample of BSA, 66 kDa, the UV absorption of the protein zone was recorded using two detection windows, before and after the capillary loop. The resultant UV absorptions were fitted with HVL functions using PeakFit software to derive the area under the peaks which corresponds to the amount of protein in the sample. The HVL parameters were used to estimate the diffusion coefficient and the size of the protein. This new method requires only nanolitres of the protein sample and the whole procedure can be automated. Proteins do not require denaturation with SDS gel and can be analysed in appropriate buffers at physiological pH. There is no need for staining or labelling and further assays can be carried out following sizing directly in the same capillary.

Issue: 20/04
RSN: 134


2008 Product Guide

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The 2008 product guide is now available from Photonic Solutions. The 36-page colour brochure gives information on the products supplied by the various companies represented by Photonics Solutions. Included in the brochure are products from new companies which are now represented, which include GAM Laser Inc., APE GmbH and Laser Quantum. Also featured are products from existing companies, most of which have expanded their range of products. There is a brief description of products, including lasers, detectors, spectrometers and accessories, together with technical information.

Photonic Solutions Plc
Issue: 20/04
RSN: 133


Chromatography Catalogue

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A new chromatography columns and supplies catalogue is now available from Hichrom. This 356-page catalogue contains nearly 50 pages of technical information and column selection advice, as well as comprehensive column specification data covering a wide range of dimensions from nano to preparative columns.

Issue: 20/04
RSN: 132


Pulse diagnostics brochure

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APE GmbH has released an ultrafast pulse diagnostics brochure that gives an overview of their range of available products. Exclusively distributed by Photonics Solutions, the ultrafast pulse diagnostic line feature flexible autocorrelators for pico- and femtosecond applications covering all wavelength ranges as well as complex technology for phase-resolved measurement. New to this product line is the re- designed and re-engineered LX Spider, a new diagnostic for short pulse Ti:sapphire laser systems, which brings together full temporal, phase and spectral characterisation of the laser pulse within an easy to align, compact and user friendly design. Also new for 2008 is the inclusion of trace acquisition and retrieval software on the Frog option of the PulseCheck autocorrelators.

Photonic Solutions Plc
Issue: 20/04
RSN: 131


Poster on Multi-Element Analysis

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Thermo Fisher Scientific has published a technical poster demonstrating the capability of collision cell-based ICP-MS to perform complete multi-elemental analysis of environmental and geological samples. The poster demonstrates how the addition of methane to the nebuliser gas considerably improves sensitivity for analytes with a high ionisation potential such as Be, As and Se, which are often present at lower concentrations in environmental samples. Additionally, through the use of a segmented flow sample introduction system, which decreases uptake and washout time, sample throughput is increased while matrix deposition on the ICP-MS interface is significantly reduced, leading to increased first- time passes during QC analyses and uninterrupted operation for a longer period.

Thermo Fisher Scientific
Issue: 20/04
RSN: 130

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