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Triple quad GC-MS

Shimadzu-GCMS-TQ8050-sShimadzu have introduced the GCMS-TQ8050 triple quadrupole GC-MS, the latest in the series dating back to the GCMS-TQ8030 in 2012.

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Industrialised proteomics

Sciex have introduced their Next-Generation Proteomics (NGP) platform.

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Biopharma software

BioPharmaView Software 2.0 from Sciex is designed for automated biotherapeutic data processing.

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Large molecule bioanalysis

The Sciex BioBA Solution has been expanded to include the QTrap 6500+ LC-MS system with SelexIon+ ion mobility.

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The QTrap 6500+ LC-MS/MS system from Sciex has improved sensitivity and selectivity for small molecule quantitation.

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Bruker’s rapifleX MALDI-ToF/ToF system has new ToF/ToF optics and smartbeam 10 kHz laser technology.

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Fast ion source

The Luxon ion source from Phytronix Technologies is now powered by fibre-coupled optics for greater precision, accuracy and speed.

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New separation technology for Orbitraps

908 Devices’ ZipChip microfluidics separation technology can be combined with Thermo Fisher’s Exactive, Q Exactive and LTQ Orbitrap Hybrid FT mass spectrometers.

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Biopharmaceutical characterisation

Thermo Fisher Scientific’s Q Exactive BioPharma MS/MS hybrid quadrupole-Orbitrap mass spectrometer supports three protein characterisation workflows.

Read more: Biopharmaceutical characterisation


Software and cloud solutions

Thermo Fisher Scientific introduced a number of software and cloud solutions.

Read more: Software and cloud solutions


Triple quad ICP-MS

Agilent Technologies introduced the second-generation, 8900 triple quadrupole ICP-MS system.

Read more: Triple quad ICP-MS


Self-cleaning ion source

Agilent’s JetClean is a self-cleaning ion source to keep their GC-MS systems free of matrix deposits.

Read more: Self-cleaning ion source


Arsine/phosphine analyser

This GC-MS system from Agilent Technologies is capable of ultra-trace (single-digit ppb levels) of arsine/phosphine contaminants.

Read more: Arsine/phosphine analyser


Water screening analyser

Agilent Technologies’ Water Screener GC-MS analyser fast data review and reporting of water pollutants and screens for unknown compounds.

Read more: Water screening analyser


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