New Product

Ultra high throughput screening for MALDI

Analytik Jena and Bruker Daltonics develop a new ultra-high throughput screening product for biopharmaceutical labs.

Read more: Ultra high throughput screening for MALDI


QTOF for biotherapeutics

NP-29-1-Sciex-X500B-sSciex has announced the latest introduction to its X-Series quadrupole time-of-flight platform

Read more: QTOF for biotherapeutics


High-resolution trace gas analyser

NP-29-1-Ionicon-PTR-TOF-4000-sIonicon Analytik introduces its new compact, high-resolution VOC analyser, the PTR-TOF 4000

Read more: High-resolution trace gas analyser


LC-MS for routine analyses

NP-29-1-Shimadzu-LCMS-8045B-sShimadzu has released its new LCMS-8045 triple quadrupole mass spectrometer

Read more: LC-MS for routine analyses


Water treatment software

Horiba Scientific have developed new software for their Aqualog to facilitate monitoring and optimisation of water treatment processes

Read more: Water treatment software


Chlorophyll fluorescence imaging sensor

NP-29-1-Headwall-FL-sHeadwall introduces the Hyperspec Chlorphyll Fluorescence sensor which collects data from 670 nm to 780nm

Read more: Chlorophyll fluorescence imaging sensor


Miniaturised spectral sensing system

Miniaturised spectral sensing system on a chip

Read more: Miniaturised spectral sensing system


Arc/spark metals analyser

NP-29-1-SpectroPort-sSpectro Analytical Instruments’ new SpectroPort portable arc/spark optical emission spectroscopy metals analyser is as fast as a handheld XRF analyser.

Read more: Arc/spark metals analyser


OEM spectrometer electronics

Ibsen_DISP-sIbsen Photonics have announced a new line of OEM electronics for their spectrometers called DISP.

Read more: OEM spectrometer electronics


Routine spectrophotometers

Biochrom-WPA-S1200-sBiochrom introduces two new visible spectrophotometers to their WPA range: the WPA S800+ and S1200+.

Read more: Routine spectrophotometers


UV/vis/NIR spectrometer

Avantes-HERO-sAvantes’ new AvaSpec-HERO is based on a high-sensitivity, compact optical bench and a backthinned CCD detector.

Read more: UV/vis/NIR spectrometer


Triple quad GC-MS

Shimadzu-GCMS-TQ8050-sShimadzu have introduced the GCMS-TQ8050 triple quadrupole GC-MS, the latest in the series dating back to the GCMS-TQ8030 in 2012.

Read more: Triple quad GC-MS


Industrialised proteomics

Sciex have introduced their Next-Generation Proteomics (NGP) platform.

Read more: Industrialised proteomics


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