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NMR funnel

Deutero have introduced a simple glass funnel suitable for 5-mm NMR tubes

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Design of Experiments update

MKS Umetrics has released a new version of their Design of Experiments software, MODDE Pro 11.

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Picosecond pulsed lasers

PicoQuant has introduced two new picosecond pulsed laser platforms.

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High power laser-driven light source

Energetiq Technology has introduced the EQ-400 high-power, ultra-bright laser-driven light source (LDLS).

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“Soft” EI database

Markes International has launched a web-based library that will allow users to see how “soft” electron ionisation (EI) could benefit their GC-MS application.

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Transient gas analyser

Henniker Scientific’s latest version of the MAX300 LG Quadrupole Gas Analyser is now available with an ultra-fast response sample introduction inlet for transient gas analysis applications.

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Process analysis probe certified for 3-A

Hellma Analytics’ new UV/Vis/NIR optical immersion probe has been designed to meet the requirements for 3-A certification.

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Process Raman analyser

Tornado Spectral Systems has released the HyperFlux P.R.O. Plus process Raman analyser

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FT-IR hydrocarbon analyser

Applied Instrument Technologies’ Analect RefinIR is an integrated laboratory autosampler and FT-IR instrument designed to measure liquid hydrocarbons in a single autosampler.

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Dynamic sampling accessories

Ocean Optics has introduced a line of accessories for dynamic sampling

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Spectrometer as a sensor platform

tecSaaS from tec5 is a modular platform based on UV/vis/NIR spectroscopy for implementing stand-alone sensors with embedded processing for industrial or mobile applications.

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Electric fusion machines

The xrFuse range of electric fusion machines from XRF Scientific is available as six-position high-volume and two-position compact models.

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Reflectron lenses

Photonis announced a new segmented monolithic reflectron lens.

Read more: Reflectron lenses


Orbitrap tribrid mass spectrometer

Thermo Fisher Scientific introduced the Orbitrap Fusion Lumos Tribrid mass spectrometer.

Read more: Orbitrap tribrid mass spectrometer


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