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New release of this software platform that provides streamlined management of integrated chemical and analytical data. New developments include performance enhancements to the informatics technology and key updates to the web platform.

Allotrope Foundation

Laboratory Information Framework

Project to develop an open framework that will manage analytical data throughout its complete life cycle using a common set of standard tools. Following successful conclusion of a proof-of-concept, the Allotrope Foundation has launched a Partner Network to enable and encourage collaboration with the instrument and software vendor communities in developing the Framework.


ATR/IR ID Expert and Raman ID Expert

Combine spectral intelligence and Bio-Rad’s extensive spectral reference collection for scientists identifying unknown IR and Raman spectra. The user opens an unknown spectrum and the software automatically performs single and multiple component searches as well as functional group analyses simultaneously and summarises the results on a single screen giving all possibilities for the unknown. If there are problems with the spectrum, the software can identify these and suggest ways to fix them.

USP Spectral Library

Collaboration between Bio-Rad and USP to provide an interactive, authoritative and comprehensive collection of spectral information on food and drug quality. Using Bio-Rad’s KnowItAll software platform for spectral analysis, identification, search, data management and reporting through a new self-validating 21 CFR Part 11-compliant quality control application called QC Expert.


LabSolutions DB and CS

These programs complete the LabSolutions data management software with database embedded stand-alone and a database assisted client/server software. From a client PC on the network, operators can carry out an analysis and monitor or remotely control the instrument. A Citrix terminal service is supported, and, using the Citrix XenApp, LabSolutions can be run on an iPad.


Symbion QT Version 2.0

New version of this chemometrics software with an expanded user interface and an enhanced optimisation feature. The user interface provides automatic selection of training, validation and test data sets and by automatically populating the constituent matrix. A key feature of the enhanced optimiser is the automatic pre-filtering of spectral regions.



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AcuTech Scientific

AcuScan 1500

Automated Raman chemical analyser that can handle a wide range of samples: in vials, tablets, SERS, and 96- and 384-well plates. The laser is focused automatically using a patented robotic technique for reproducible measurements. A vacuum heater dryer dries liquid SERS samples in less than 5 min.



Raman spectroscopy system that can be integrated with most microscopes and setups, such as fluorescence, without affecting the overall microscope configurations. It uses a 785 nm laser and linear array detector. The module includes power attenuators, laser safety interlock, key and software.

B&W Tek

NanoRam FP

New version of the NanoRam with flexible fibre optic probe with trigger feature and LED indicator lights to show pass/fail results. The NanoRam product line of hand-held Raman instruments is designed for analysis of materials such as APIs, excipients, intermediates and finished products.

NanoRam Enhancements

Now can transfer libraries and methods to other NanoRam instruments allowing the centralised development of these across an organisation. This is available through updates to the software, which also include stricter limitations for regulatory compliance and more stringent password controls.


RamMics M532LW

Low frequency (THz) Raman microscope that integrates the EnSpectr R532 scientific edition Raman analyser and an Olympus microscope for both transmission and reflection measurements. Uses a 532 nm laser with spectral resolution of 3 cm–1 and spatial resolution of 1 µm.


Automated Raman microscope to detect substances in mixtures of particles. Automated sample stage scans the sample with the Raman analyser determining the spectral characteristics of particles within its micron-sized focus spot.

Horiba Scientific

XploRA Plus

Fully confocal and high performance Raman microscope with options including multiple laser wavelengths, complete automation, EMCCD detection, Raman polarisation and AFM coupling. “SWIFT” Fast Raman imaging provides detailed Raman images typically 10× faster than conventional mapping methods. New Labspec 6.3 software is suited to multiple user environments.



Dispersive Raman spectrometer and microscope with 532/785 nm lasers with matching notch or edge filters; a third laser can also be added. Can also take advantage of Jasco’s new 457 nm laser for fluorescence rejection. The purpose-designed microscope is completely rigid to prevent flexing and the laser spot can be observed to ensure it is aligned to the target sample.

Ocean Optics

QE Pro

Updated version that can store up to 15,000 spectra in an onboard buffer, maintaining data integrity by buffering time-stamped spectra for USB communications. Buffering enables full-spectrum kinetics measurements to be performed every 8 ms, or 125 measurements per second.


Mini handheld Raman spectrometer using raster orbital scanning (ROS) mode that scans a tightly focused beam over a wide sample area, improving the quality of the Raman measurement especially for inhomogenous and irregularly shaped solids. A bright touchscreen is easy to operate in sunlight and while wearing personal protection equipment.

IDRaman reader

Integrated Raman system available with 638 nm, 785 nm or 808 nm laser excitation and in two resolution options: 4 cm–1 covering 200–2000 cm–1 and 8 cm–1 covering 200–3200 cm–1.

IDRaman micro

Compact Raman microscope using OneFocus feature that optimises the instrument for Raman sampling using the same focal plane for collecting images and for Raman signals. This simplifies the process of acquiring data from a specific structure or location as well as for applications where only a single layer of material is applied to the surface, such as graphene or SERS.

Maya LSL

Combination of a back-thinned CCD array detector and low stray light optical design. The f/3 optical design includes a toroidal grating that corrects optical aberrations and improves stray light performance, extending the measurement range to 3.0 absorption units.


Process Raman spectrometers

Series of spectrometers designed to be integrated into laboratory and online process applications. Different wavelength excitation lasers can be pre-selected to optimise the Raman signal for a particular sample. Contact and remote Raman probes are available with different sampling distances, dimensions, and optical and physical properties.


StreamLineHR Rapide

Enables users of inVia Raman microscopes to collect large amounts of data rapidly. Provides tight integration between Renishaw’s detector and motorised sample stage to enable rapid imaging (detector spectrum readout rate over 1000 s–1).



Next generation of this hand-held 1064 nm Raman analyser with fully customisable workflow software that is 21 CFR Part 11 compliant with a smartphone-inspired user interface that shortens the learning curve. A 512-pixel InGaAs detector provides improved resolution, analysis and signal-to-noise ratio. The quad-core processor handles search and quantification algorithms without the need for remote desktop work. Sampling accessories and adjustable focus optimises sensitivity.



A single-purpose Raman hand-held spectrometer using a 785 nm laser with an updated processor and display. Methods can be transferred with SciApps multipurpose analysers. Ruggedised to IP67 with dustproof and waterproof seals that enable washing with bleach between samples.

Inspector 500

Hand-held Raman analyser with 1030 nm laser excitation, which does not require cooling accessories. IP67 dustproof and waterproof seals. Suitable for in-laboratory or out-of-laboratory validation of highly fluorescent cellulose-based excipients.

Smiths Detection


Hand-held Raman spectrometer for the identification of explosives and precursors as well as narcotics and toxic chemicals. It identifies solids, powders and water-based solutions as well as performing mixture analysis. Can be operated with one hand and is ruggedised for use in severe climates and terrains.



Attaches directly to Raman spectrometer and includes a 785 nm laser configured with a 1/2 inch vial holder in place of the FC/APC connector. As well as using screw top vials for liquids and powders, small samples such as pills can be inserted.

Thermo Fisher Scientific

DXRxi Raman Imaging Microscope

Designed for use by those not familiar with Raman. Has automated alignment and calibration and the ability to analyse large samples quickly. The OMICxi software makes it easy to use and to profile materials quickly.

Tokyo Instruments


Multipoint confocal Raman microscope available in inverted or upright configurations. Can collect a 21 × 21 point image in one shot. Can operate in 2D multi-confocal mode collecting an image in one go, as a conventional Raman microscope or as a line-scan confocal microscope collecting single line in one go.


RISE Microscopy

Correlative microscopy combining confocal Raman Imaging and Scanning Electron (RISE) microscopy within a single integrated microscope system. The sample is moved between the two techniques on a precise scan stage. The RISE software carries out the required parameter adjustments and instrument alignments. Once acquired, the images can be correlated and overlaid. 2D, 3D and depth profiles can be acquired with the Raman imager as well as nm imaging by electron microscopy.




Ascend Aeon 900

Liquid-nitrogen-free, 900 MHz superconducting magnet system with helium reliquefaction that can be placed in single storey laboratories. The new refrigeration technology in the magnet design means that periodic cryogen refills are not necessary.


Workflow-based software package for solid-state NMR in structural biology that provides menu-based, automated setup and acquisition of advanced multi-nuclear, multi-dimensional experiments. Includes a comprehensive library of protocols for structural biology, ensuring robust, secure spectrometer and probe setup.

JuiceScreener 3.0

New release of software for NMR screening of juices, pulps and purees with enhancements in increased quantification parameters and wider coverage, for targeted and non-targeted multi-marker analysis.

Minispec automation

Sample automation system for Minispec mq and mq-one series providing fast exchange of 10 mm OD sample tubes and accurate sample temperatures, providing benefits for the common application of complex solid fat content analysis.

Thermo Fisher Scientific

picoSpin 80

2 Tesla magnet version of the compact, cryogen-free NMR spectrometer from Thermo Fisher Scientific.





FT-NIR analyser for polyols and derivatives. Has pre-loaded calibration models for immediate OH value determination. Additional custom calibrations can be developed for parameters such as iodine value, acid value, saponification number, amine content, isocyanate content and TDI isomer ratio.

Axiom Analytical

FCP-020 Probes

Robust NIR spectroscopic probes for continuous online analysis of hydrocarbon process streams. They are intended to be used in pairs in conjunction with standard Swagelock fittings for incorporation into existing process lines with little or no modification. The optical pathlength is determined both by the design of the probes and the particular Swagelock fitting.



A transportable, bench-top vis/NIR spectrometer with an active-trigger fibre-optic probe and transmittance sampling accessory. It covers wavelength ranges from 44 nm to1700 nm and uses volume phase gratings as the spectral dispersion element.

Bruins Instruments


Tester for olives, that can also check olive texture to determine how much they can be pressed.


Another of Bruins’ dedicated analysers for wine, beer, liquids and gels based on their double-beam NIR analyser platform.


NIR 1.7 Microspectrometer

A small, monolithic microspectrometer module for use in analytical and diagnostic hand-held devices, offering mechanical, optical and thermal stability. Spectral range is 900–1700 nm with detection by a 128-element InGaAs array. Also available as an OEM System and an Evaluation System.


MicroNIR Pro

New version of the MicroNIR product line now IP65 water/dust resistant. A new software platform has been developed for data acquisition, model development and real-time prediction, which is also compliant with regulatory requirements such as 21 CFR Part 11.


Infralum FT-12 and FT-40

NIR analysers for grain quality parameters including protein, moisture, gluten content and vitreousness, as well as determination of oil content, protein and other parameters in cereal grains and oilseeds, and processed products. Both have a spectral range of 760–1150 nm; the FT-12 has a sample volume of 50 mL and the FT-40 one of 500 mL.



Portable, field hardened UV/vis/NIR analyser with spectral range from 350 nm to 2500 nm. Applications in minerals and mining as well as other fields. Extensive, user-customisable libraries for minerals or compounds.



Hand-held NIR analyser with spectral range of 920–1680 nm for analysis of solids and liquids. Battery life is 6–8 h and WiFi can connect it to a base station PC. Dimensions are 230 × 80 × 42 mm and it weighs 1.1 kg.

Texas Instruments

DLP 0.45 WXGA NIR Chipset

Miniature “light steering solution” based on a MEMS device that with over 1 million miniature mirrors (912 × 1140 array) that can select specific wavelengths to be passed to a single-point detector. Optimised for 700–2500 light. Advantages include higher wavelength resolution, greater detector area and light capture efficiency than array detectors, scans in less than 0.5 s due to high signal-to-noise ratio.


An evaluation module based on the DLP 0.45 WXGA NIR Chipset containing everything needed to start developing a DLP-based spectrometer. Includes 1350–2450 nm wavelength range, >30,000 : 1 signal-to-noise ratio for <1 s measurements, single-element Extended InGaAs detector, transmittance sampling module including halogen lamp and embedded Linux operating system.



Ruggedised portable NIR octane/cetane analyser and fuel testing kit. Contained within a mil spec case and with shock mounted components. Automatic fuel selection enables the detection of the type of fuel being analysed and reduces operator error. An optional GPS locator can document and verify the time and location of each analysis.


SpectraAlyzer Wine & Spirits

Analyser to determine the main quality parameters, i.e. for wine: ethanol, tot. sugars, tot. acidity, pH, organic acids and optical density, and others within 45 s. The rugged construction and optical sample/reference setup provides reliable operation in environments with fluctuating temperatures, vibration and dust.





Entry level, terahertz spectroscopy system in a compact desktop form covering the frequency range from 0.03 THz to 7 THz. Transmission, reflectance, ATR and transmission polarisation measurement modes are available.


High-speed, configurable Terahertz spectroscopy analysis system offering 1 ms optical sampling measurement. The THz emitter/detector modules and optical components can be chosen to suit user needs; up to two different emitters and two different detector modules can be configured.



Digital tube base for gamma-ray detectors. Contains the electronics needed for spectroscopy with a scintillator or photomultiplier tube. Contains a pre-amplifier, a digital pulse processor with MCA, high-voltage power supply and all low voltage power supplies.


Beam Splitter

Provides the option to use dual light sources or spectrometers. Mounts directly to the front of any AvaSpec spectrometer or AvaLight light source eliminating the fibre interface. Allows existing systems to be upgraded to two channel. Allows for two different measurements at the same time, e.g. fluorescence and absorption.

Block Engineering

Mini-QCL Module

A widely tunable quantum cascade laser module for OEMs, weighing 75 g. It is available in spectral ranges greater than 250 cm–1 per module, and multiple modules can be combined. It can be used in a wide variety of real-time gas analysis applications requiring a mid-IR laser source.

LaserTune Infrared Source

Has fast scan capability at 25 cm–1 per ms, and the source can be programmed to emit pulses from 20 ns to 500 ns, while maintaining a duty cycle up to ~30%. Computer control is via Wireless or Ethernet/HDMI with analogue and digital control for monitoring and controlling the laser wavelength.


Molecular Rotational Spectrometer

Millimetre wave rotational spectrometers for gas monitoring and mixture analysis, offering high chemical selectivity, application to any molecule with a permanent dipole moment, full mixture analysis within 1 s and a dynamic range exceeding 105.



Fusion instrument to prepare samples for XRF analysis. Offers fully automatic cold to cold operation for 2, 4 or 6 samples and semi-automatic cold to cold operation for a single sample. The sample can be agitated by rotation up to 250 rpm. Applications with variable temperature setting are possible and 10 different application programs can be stored.

Hellma Analytics

All-Quartz Flow-Through Cuvette

Internal threads are cut into the quartz glass to attach tubes avoiding the need for the aluminium frame and enhancing cleaning efficiency and temperature stability. The cell comes with two different optical pathlengths, which can be chosen by rotating the cell 90° with all tubes remaining in place. It has applications in tablet dissolution tests and spectrophotometric transmission or fluorescence measurements in continuous flow.

Horiba Scientific


Automated workstation combining digestion and work-up: accepts samples and returns prepared autosampler racks ready to be analysed. Overcomes inconsistencies and uncertainties introduced by repetitive and tedious process and provides an increase in laboratory throughput.

LGC Standards

Pharmaceutical Primary Standards

A new range of pharmaceutical primary standards that fulfill ICH, FDA and other regulatory bodies’ requirements for pharmaceutical QC. Available with detailed certificate of analysis.


ProfFlux SIR Infrared Polarisers

Silicon infrared polarisers with broadband infrared performance for applications in the 3–12 µm range, Use Moxtek’s Nanowire technology, anti-reflection coatings and thin silicon substrates for high transmission and contrast.

Oerlikon Leybold Vacuum

Turbovac i

A new line of turbomolecular pumps with integrated drive electronics. Models 350 i and 450 i are suited for ultra-high vacuum applications and integration within compact pump systems. Models T 350 i and T 450 i with classic rotors are for process applications and high gas loads.

Parker Balston

NitroFlow 60

Self-contained nitrogen generator capable of producing 60 slpm of LC-MS grade nitrogen at pressures up to 110 psig. It is suited to multiple LC-MS instruments and newer ones requiring high flow. Output is equivalent to using one cylinder of compressed gas every two hours.

Peak Scientific

Corona Nitrogen 1010

Developed to supply pure nitrogen to the Thermo Fisher Scientific Corona Veo CAD. Works with an air compressor and the two units can be stacked to save space.

Spex CertiPrep

USP Elemental Impurities CRMs

USP outlines new limits in pharmaceutical products for Arsenic, Cadmium, Lead and Mercury. These have now been added to Spex CertiPrep’s Consumer Safety Compliance Standards line, and can be sued as a calibration or check standard to verify Oral Daily Dose PDE, Parenteral Component Limit or Parenteral Daily Dose PDE.

Spex SamplePrep

6870D Freezer/Mill

High-throughput, dual chamber cryogenic grinder with self-contained liquid nitrogen tub and insulated case. Accommodates samples in 0.1–100 g range per grinding chamber. The dual chambers enable two sets of samples to be pre-cooled and ground at the same time. Up to ten grinding protocols can be stored and accessed through a touch screen.



Certified reference material capable of generating reliable instrument qualification data at wavelengths below 200 nm. Available in two formats, suitable for qualifying HPLC systems or conventional UV/vis spectrophotometers.


Certified reference material for testing NIR spectrophotometers for stray light, in which chloroform is permanently sealed in a quartz cuvette, eliminating potential hazards. It is used like any other stray-light filter, exhibiting a cut-off at 2365 nm.

Tiger Optics

Prismatic s2

New version of this multi-species gas analyser using continuous wave cavity ring-down spectroscopy. Now housed in a single unit taking up half the space. Methane, moisture, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, ammonia and hydrogen sulfate are frequently analysed. Any four can be measured simultaneously, and the Prismatic 2 can be customised for specific analytes, matrices and ranges.


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