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Ian Michael

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I am going to continue with the same layout from the Pittcon Report in the last issue, which I think works well. This report, from Analytica, held in Munich, Germany, from 10 to 13 May is inevitably much shorter than that from Pittcon. Many new products at Pittcon were introduced to Europe at Analytica, but we have not covered them again. However, there was plenty that was new and interesting.

Agilent introduced a new version of their 5100 ICP-OES, the 5110. This has an integrated valve system that increases productivity, running a sample every 20 s. There is also a new version of the ICP Expert software, and existing users can upgrade to this and to the other improvements. Applied Spectra’s J200 is a tandem laser ablation-laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy instrument. LIBS is performed on the emitted light from a laser ablation plasma whilst ablated particles are transferred to an ICP-MS instrument. This enables analysis of organic and lighter elements, elemental mapping, the normalisation of the ICP-MS signal with plasma emission and the simultaneous measurement of major/trace elements and isotopes.


The AIM-9000 Infrared Microscope System from Shimadzu

Shimadzu introduced the AIM-9000 Infrared Microscope System, a fully automated system aimed at failure analysis. It provides automation of all steps in failure analysis and micro-sample evaluation: observation, definition of measurement spots, measurement and identification. The AIM-9000 is compatible with Shimadzu’s IRAffinity-1S and IRTracer-100 FT-IR spectrometers. With the latter instrument, it can reach a signal-to-noise ratio of 30,000 : 1 (transmission, MCT detector, 50 µm aperture, 8 cm–1 resolution, 2 min scan). The Adulterant Screen software from PerkinElmer automates FT-IR and NIR spectrometers that can confirm authenticity and perform nutritional analysis in a single step. It performs rapid, targeted and non-targeted screening for several types of adulterants and can implemented quickly without the need for lengthy calibration. Spectrolytic introduced the static(s)FTIR which does not contain any moving parts and is very robust. It has a spectral resolution of 6 cm–1, wavelength range from 7 µm to 14 µm and can measure at a modulation frequency of 50 Hz.


Shimadzu’s clinical MS automated sample preparation system, the CLAM-2000

A fully automated sample preparation system for clinical mass spectrometry came from Shimadzu. The CLAM-2000 (Clinical Laboratory Automated sample preparation Module) automates the pre-treatment of liquid blood or other biological systems prior to LC-MS analysis. It is intended for those handling blood samples in pharmaceutical departments, medical departments or biological analysis laboratories dealing with issues of variability in analytical results or infection risk. It processes samples in parallel and provides full automation through to LC-MS analysis.



The Senterra II confocal, multi-laser Raman imaging microscope from Bruker

Bruker’s Senterra II is an easy-to-use, confocal, multi-laser Raman imaging microscope with various acquisition modes to optimise speed or spatial resolution. The Raman engine has been redesigned to improve spectral resolution and performance, and imaging and wavelength calibration is provided by SURE_CAL technology. Components such as motorised lasers, gratings, filters and apertures allow fully automated parameter setting. WITec introduced a new entry-level micro-Raman system, the alpha300 access as well as a thorough revision of the established alpha300 series. The alpha300 access is available at a lower price and, as with all WITec instruments, can be upgraded and expanded.


WITec’s alpha300 access entry-level micro-Raman system can be upgraded

Sarspec are a Portuguese company new to me. They have a range of miniature spectrometers and were releasing the FAbS, a new compact double-beam spectrophotometer which can also be used as a fluorimeter. Full spectra can be collected in up to 1 ms per spectrum over the full wavelength range and the optical resolution is 0.6 nm. Various sampling options can be achieved via easy fibre optic coupling. They were also showing the S1S fibre-optic spectrometer that can collect 10,000 full spectra per second and has an optical resolution better than 0.2 nm; this will be available early in 2017.


Mettler Toledo’s UV/VIS Excellence range can easily integrated with their other laboratory equipment

Mettler Toledo’s UV/VIS Excellence range includes four models including life science and µL models. The UV7 complies with EU and US Pharmacopeia requirements and provides advanced automation possibilities. FastTrack UV/VIS technology incorporates fibre optics with array detection and a Xenon flash lamp. The new spectrometers can be integrated with other laboratory equipment using LabX UV/VIS PC software for workflow control as well as advanced data analysis and management, compliant with 21 CFR part 11/EU annex 11.


Bruker’s TXRF spectrometer, the S4 TStar has been designed for use in regulated areas

Bruker’s S4 TStar total relection XRF spectrometer has been designed for the requirements of increasingly regulated areas. It has up to three different X-ray excitation modes and the latest generation of the large area XFlash silicon drift detector. The automatic sample changer can handle 90 samples in up to 10 sample trays. Reduced internal air flow, special integrated sample housing and stackable storage boxes protect samples from contamination.

Links for more information

To simplify your search for more information on products listed below, you can connect directly to the relevant product page for each product using the code number. If you are reading this in a printed copy, just put the number into your browser at the end of the URL string If you are reading this in a digital version, just click the links! Where a page is not currently available, we have provided a link to the company’s home page or the most relevant page.


5110 ICP-OES is a new version of the 5100 with new software and integrated valve that can run a sample every 20 s (Agilent Technologies)


contrAA new generation of this series of continuum source atomic absorption spectrometers (Analytik Jena)


J200 tandem laser ablation and LIBS instrument (Applied Spectra)



AIM-9000 infrared microscope system (Shimadzu)


Adulterant Screen software for FT-IR and NIR to perform authenticity and nutritional analysis in one step (PerkinElmer)


sFTIR no moving parts FT-IR which can measure at a modulation frequency of 50 Hz (Spectrolytic)


Mass spectrometry

Autosampler for PTR-MS for VOC headspace analysis which can hold up to 270 vials of liquid, solid or gas samples (Ionicon)


CLAM-2000 fully automated sample preparation for liquid blood samples by LC-MS (Shimadzu)


HiPace 30 small turbopump capable of 32 L s–1 (Pfeiffer Vacuum)


HiPace 300 H turbopump specifically with high compression for light gases (Pfeiffer Vacuum)


MALDI PharmaPulse rapifleX label-free ultra-high throughput MALDI-TOF system (Bruker)


PesticideScreener solution based on Bruker’s QTOF instruments with larger screening database (Bruker)


ToxScreener 2.1 running on Bruker’s QTOF instruments with larger screening database (Bruker)


UHPLC-MS Biopharmaceutical Workflows include range of columns, instruments, software and consumables (Thermo Scientific)


xr Series family of thermal desorption instruments for GC-MS (Markes International)


Near Infrared

AvaSpec-NIR256/512-2.5-HSC improved, compact NIR spectrometers with range of gratings available (Avantes)


PET analysis on MB3600 FT-NIR measuring % crystallanity, wall thickness and %H2O (ABB)


Qred miniature NIR spectrometer with cooled InGaAs detector and customisable wavelength ranges up to 2500 nm (RGB Photonics)


Spec NIR: small, MEMS-based spectrometer with single element detector (Sarspec)



Minispec G-var time-domain NMR system for determination of droplet size in food emulsions (Bruker)



alpha300 access entry-level micro-Raman system for single-spot analysis and imaging (WITec)


alpha300 series has been overhauled increasing flexibility, sensitivity and speed (WITec)


Gemstones database of 365 Raman and 144 photoluminescence spectra of verified gemstones (ST Japan Europe)


Senterra II confocal, multi-laser Raman imaging microscope (Bruker)


Surface analysis

Esprit Qube software for 3D visualisation and post-processing of EBSD and/or ED XRF spectrometers on electron ­microscopes (Bruker)



TeraScan Terahertz system with new digital control electronics (Toptica)



FAbS double-beam spectrophotometer and fluorimeter combined (Sarspec)


S1S fibre-optic spectrometer (Sarspec)


UV/VIS Excellence is a new series of four models with fibre optics and array detection (Mettler Toledo)



Magpro 60 kV 12 W X-ray source for portable and benchtop instruments (Moxtek)


Cement-Quant ready-to-use solution for analysis of building materials (Bruker)


Geo-Quant M analysis solution for geology, mining and minerals (Bruker)


S4 TStar total reflection X-ray fluorescence spectrometer (Bruker)


Spectra.Elements software suite for the S2 Puma benchtop ED XRF spectrometer (Bruker)


Ultra-Lite Magnum 50 kV X-ray source designed for handheld instruments (Moxtek)


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