Mobile µRaman and µ-BioRaman

Two portable Raman microscopes that are smaller than a portable sewing machine. The reduction in size has enabled shorter, more efficient light paths, reduction in laser power and faster scanning. Both systems offer multiple sampling handling modalities (microscope slide, cuvette, vial or syringe), a fast scanning PZT stage for Raman mapping and an optional battery pack. The µRaman interfaces with Bio-Rad’s Raman ID Expert database and the µ-BioRaman uses BioTools’ own library of protein spectra.




A hand-held Raman spectrometer with patented fluorescence mitigation that enables measurement of a wide range of raw materials. Duo LASER excitation with two wavelengths provides high sensitivity across the whole spectral range, and the instrument also features automated wavenumber calibration and automated measuring tip recognition. It is also certified as a class 1M laser product.


B&W Tek

i-Raman Pro

Portable Raman system with laser excitation at 785 nm and spectral range of 65–3200 cm–1 and resolution of ~4.5 cm–1 at 912 cm–1. Detection is by a high quantum efficiency CCD array, TE-cooled to –25°C.




Hand-held Raman analyser for plastics identification. Comes pre-loaded with a user-configurable library of over 45 plastics. Can identify light and dark plastics from all major families and sub-families, and the user can add their own plastics to the library. Two rechargeable batteries provide over 4 hours of operation.


Ibsen Photonics

Freedom mini Raman

OEM miniature Raman spectrometer, which is robust and almost athermal. It measures 61 × 64 × 19 mm and has a spectral range of 475–1100 nm with a resolution of 0.6 nm. It can be used with many different laser wavelengths covering the popular 532 nm, 785 nm and 830 nm.



NRS-4100 Series

Compact and easy-to-use dispersive laser Raman microscope designed for automatic use. It uses the same software interface as JASCO’s FT-IR spectrometers allowing IR users easily to transfer to the Raman system. It uses three lasers at 457 nm, 532 nm and 785 nm and a spectrograph resolution down to 0.7 cm–1. A new fluorescence rejection algorithm is also built into the instrument.


Ocean Optics

Maya LSL

Combines a back-thinned CCD array detector with low stray light optical design, for applications including chemical catalysis and Raman analysis. A toroidal grating corrects optical aberrations and improves stray light performance, extending linear measurement range up to 3.0 OD. Stray light performance is 0.015% at 400 nm. The Maya LSL interfaces to a computer via its USB port and couples to Ocean Optics accessories.



inVia Transmission

The inVia confocal Raman microscope can now perform transmission Raman analysis, which provides greater flexibility. Transmission Raman is an attractive method for the fast, quantitative analysis of bulk material homogeneity, in applications such as tablet dose and blend uniformity.




Raman spectroscopy module that can be easily integrated with most upright microscopes from Nikon, Olympus, Leica or Carl Zeiss. Available in 532 nm, 633 nm and 785 nm versions. The module includes a high sensitivity linear array detector, power attenuation with laser safety interlock and user friendly software.




Fully automated, easy-to-use Raman imaging system that includes laser wavelength selection with subsequent adjustment of all associated spectrometer and microscope components to ensure optimised system performance. It also includes absolute laser power determination and regulation in 0.1 mW steps. The UHTS 600 is a new 600 mm focal length spectrometer designed for automated Raman imaging; spectral resolution is down to 0.1 rel cm–1 at 633 nm excitation.

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