Enhanced version of the FoodScreener for Wine Profiling that provides analysis of relevant regions in France, Italy and Spain. It also determines further authenticity parameters such as grape variety, vintage year and possible water addition. The system has been extensively validated and offers a rapid and fully automated tool to check wine quality and authenticity.



Software that enables the adjustment of experimental parameters based on real-time data during the analysis of chemical processes by NMR spectroscopy. Experts and non-experts can set up, monitor and adjust key experimental parameters. The software provides a complete workflow from data acquisition to project report with the ability to export data in multiple formats for additional processing.


FoodScreener Module for Honey

The most recent module of the FoodScreener product line allows the simultaneous identification and quantification of many honey characteristics, including sugar, acid and amino acid content as well as fraudulent addition of different types of syrup or other sugar solutions. The database developed for the module contains thousands of samples from around the world.




NMR spectrometer with high accuracy RF circuitry using digital high frequency technology. Is 43% smaller than previous models and performance features critical to NMR data collection have been improved by several orders of magnitude. A complete set of high-performance NMR probes are available for it, including a new high-sensitivity liquid-nitrogen probe capable of variable temperature experiments from –40°C to 150°C.



Spinsolve Reaction Monitoring

The Spinsolve benchtop NMR systems are seeing growth for on-line reaction monitoring, where reactants may be pumped continuously from the reactor to the NMR spectrometer and back again to provide reaction kinetics: determine reaction end points, identify intermediates and products.

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