B&W Tek


Fully integrated NIR spectrometer and light source the size of a computer mouse. Covers the range 1300–2200 nm (although customisation of this is available) with a spectral resolution of 10 nm. It is powered via a USB port, although an embedded battery is available as is W-Fi or Bluetooth data transfer. Software is provided for qualitative and quantitative analysis.



Process version of this miniature NIR spectrometer with IP 65 housing; 950–1650 nm or 1150–2150 nm versions. Easily connected to process control systems and multiple instruments can be networked. Integrated lithium ion battery provides ~8 h run time; weight < 1.4kg.

MicroNIR Pro 2200 ES

Extended spectral range version from 1150 nm to 2150 nm. Does not require fibre optics. Has a user-friendly interface, offering real-time prediction and model-building software.


NeoSpectra SWS62221

OEM FT-NIR spectral sensors built using MEMS technology that produces a monolithic Michelson interferometer. Available in three different versions covering 1250–1700 nm, 1300–2100 nm and 1350–2500 nm. A standard FCPC/SMA connector provides optical connection and a mini USB port data communication and power. Evaluation kits of the sensor and software are available.

Texas Instruments

DLP Chipset

Consists of the DLP2010NIR digital micromirror device, DLPA2005 integrated power management and DLPC150 controller, designed for hand-held NIR sensing applications using the 700–2500 nm wavelength range. The Nano evaluation module pairs with the chipset using Bluetooth and enables developers to prototype ultramobile spectrometers.
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