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Starna Scientific Ltd

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52–54 Fowler Road, Hainault, Essex IG6 3UT
United Kingdom
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The Starna Scientific vertically integrated production facility includes the manufacturing disciplines required to produce all Starna products. These include Photometer cells, Certified Reference Materials for UV, Visible, NIR and Fluorescence spectroscopy, Ultra High Vacuum, Dye laser cells and a wide range of Optical Components.

For over 50 years, the unique blend of skills at Starna’s disposal, as a world leader in the combined techniques of machining, drilling, grinding, polishing, heat fusing and vacuum coating of glass and quartz materials, has continued to facilitate the production of a diverse range of products. Toroid Deep UV Mirrors with reflectivity down to 150 nm exemplify Starna’s specialised production capability, which is dedicated to continual product improvement and development.

Spectrophotometer and Fluorimeter Cells

The broad range of spectrophotometer cells produced include flow cells specifically optimised for Dissolution, with path lengths ranging from 0.01mm to 100 mm, in a variety of sample compartment configurations suitable for use with all UV/Vis NIR spectrophotometers. Identification of individual flow cells for validation traceability purposes can be achieved by a unique serial number. This is a requirement in some pharmaceutical Protocols. Patented products include ultra-micro Fluorimeter cells; with enhanced emission from small volumes of sample, these cells form part of a continually expanding range. The Demountable Micro-Volume (DMV-Bio) Cell provides an ideal solution for small volume DNA/RNA purity and concentration testing.

Traceable Certified Reference Materials (CRMs) with Lifetime Guarantee

Starna Scientific has over 40 years experience in the development and production of both permanently flame sealed liquid UV/Visible/NIR and solid glass reference materials. All references are certified traceable to NIST (USA) or other appropriate NMIs. A Lifetime Guarantee, subject to certain conditions, covers the majority of Starna CRMs. First accredited 16 years ago, all Starna CRMs are produced in an environment accredited to both ISO Guide 34 and ISO/IEC 17025, as now required by ILAC for Reference Material producers.

Recent additions to the range include: USP Pharmacopoeia sets to meet the requirements of the new USP UV-Vis Spectroscopy Chapter <857>; combined three part rare earth wavelength references to cover the whole UV-Visible range; Polystyrene references for MIR-NIR wavenumber calibration and combined wavelength and absorption glass references for the visible. The Starna Calibration Laboratory also certifies many third party products to ISO/IEC 17025 standard. All Starna re-certifications, including third party products, are processed within five working days from receipt.