Tony Davies Column

The Tony Davies Column alternates between chemometrics and data handling and standards, as well as a wide range of EU and other initiatives across the whole of spectroscopy.

Tony-DaviesTony (A.N.) Davies has been a columnist for Spectroscopy Europe since its inception. Together with Tony (A.M.C.) Davies he has produced the “Tony Davies” column until Tony’s retirement in 2014. Tony (A.N.) is Lead Scientist with AkzoNobel RD&I Expert Capability Group in Measurement and Analytical Science in Deventer, The Netherlands and is Professor of Analytical Science at the University of South Wales in the UK.


Another one bites the dust


Tony Davies and Mohan Cashyap are concerned about your NMR data. When an article starts “On 10 October 2014 the impossible happened”, you will want to take note! Following the withdrawal of Agilent from the NMR business, Tony and Mohan consider three solutions to ensuring your NMR data is available now and into the future. If you have an NMR of any make, you will want to read this. Do remember that you can comment on the web version of the article.

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Who’s ahead in the Cloud?—Part three


Following on from the two recent articles on how the Cloud may be impacting the availability of scientific software delivery for spectroscopists, this article looks at what the wider commercial spectroscopy software providers have been doing in this area.

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The last furlong (6). The finishing line is in sight!

This is Tony’s last column for Spectroscopy Europe. It is explores an idea that he has been developing for over 30 years, although as Tony points out the story starts around 3500 years ago.

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A head in the clouds?—Part two: exploring distributed, multi-server 1H NMR prediction

The Tony Davies column is a joint effort by Tony (A.N.) Davies, Mohan Cashyap, Bob Lancashire and Bob Hanson on “Exploring distributed, multi-server 1H NMR prediction”. This is the second part of the column’s investigation into the use of cloud-based services in the analytical arena. It describes a web page linking services from multiple sites on both sides of the Atlantic to deliver molecular structure drawing, 3D structure representation, name to structure conversion and display of data generated by linking chemical structures to 1H NMR prediction. May I reiterate Tony and Mohan’s plea for information on such cloud-based solutions, whether commercial or not. These can be sent to me ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ) and I will pass them on.

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The last furlong (5). Classification and identity testing

Tony (A.M.C.) Davies continues on his last furlong, this time considering “Classification and identity testing”. As well as some interesting insights into the analytical lab in the late 1960s, he gives his opinion on various chemometric techniques and on identity testing, as well as thoughts on future development.

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